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Zambezi to relocate, close schools due to floods

KATIMA MULILO, 09 APR (NAMPA) – The Zambezi Regional Council has resolved to relocate two schools and close down two others in the constituencies of Kabbe North and Kabbe South, which are the worst affected by the floods.
The relocation process and closure of the schools will be carried out from Monday until Wednesday.
The Regional Director of Education in the Zambezi Region, Austin Samupwa told Nampa in an interview on Sunday the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture has availed N.dollars 1.6 million for the exercise.
The two schools to be relocated are the Muzi and Nankuntwe Combined Schools, both in Kabbe South.
Grade 10 learners and teachers from both schools will be relocated to Schuckmansburg in the Kabbe North constituency, where the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry availed land for this purpose.
“Both schools were given banana boats. So, they will have to use those banana boats and we will just supply fuel for the relocation process,” Samupwa said.
In addition to that, Ministry of Environment and Tourism, and that of Health and Social Services have also agreed to avail their rescue boats for the exercise.
Meanwhile, all the other grades at the two combined schools will also close but teachers will have to catch up with their syllabuses during recess in April.
“The grades that are closing will be taught on dry ground during recess while the ministry continues to monitor the flood situation,” Samupwa said.
The regional director said his office will by Monday start transporting items such as food, sanitary materials, pots and stoves which will be transported to Schuckmansburg via Zambia.
This is to make sure that by the time teachers and learners arrive, they would find all these items already at the relocation point.
Mpukano Primary School in Kabbe South and Namiyundu Primary School in Kabbe North constituencies are the two schools that will be closed down as it is no longer safe or healthy for teachers and learners to remain there.

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