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Sports federations should seek permission from NSC: Mwiya

WINDHOEK, 18 MAY (NAMPA) – Any Namibian who wants to host or participate in sporting activities should apply for permission from the Namibia Sports Commission as per Sports Act, NSC Chief Administrator Simataa Mwiya has said.
Speaking at a capping ceremony for inline hockey players in Windhoek on Thursday, Mwiya said it is illegal for anyone to participate in any sporting activity in or outside Namibia without seeking for permission from their offices.
“In terms of Section 33 of the Sports Act, I would like to emphasise the importance of applying and seeking permission for hosting and participating in international sporting events,” he said.
Mwiya said they had realised that some sportsmen and women participated in events without doing so.
When asked what will happen if this continues, he said they were engaging such sports people with the aim of educating them.
He said they would try as much as possible to avoid taking such individuals or federations to court, but emphasised that people must apply.
“As a proud Namibian, respect the country’s laws and adhere to the Act. It also helps you, in case something happens to you, say if you are out of the country, we will be able to help you through our various embassies,” he added.
He said people who do not follow the right procedures will not be assisted by the NSC in any way.
At the same event, a code of conduct was presented to the Namibian men’s junior and senior inline hockey teams which will participate in the International Federation of Roller Sports World Roller Games from 24 August to 03 September 2017 in Nanjing, China.
Before going to China, the two teams will participate in an Africa Cup tournament in Swakopmund at the Dome, where they will face club sides from South Africa and Germany and some mixed players from Norway, India and Spain who will form a team.
There are 17 junior men and 15 senior men who will represent Namibia at this event.
The code of conduct states how Namibian athletes and officials must behave when representing the country.
It also deals with issues of doping and cheating in sports and promotes fair play.

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