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Wambo in alleged brawl with community member

REHOBOTH, 17 JUL (NAMPA) - Rehoboth Urban East Constituency Councillor and Chairperson of the Hardap Regional Council, Edward Wambo allegedly ripped the shirt of a man during a community meeting on Sunday.
The meeting was held in Bahnhoff to address the illegal selling of plots at the settlement some 10 kilometres from Rehoboth.
An argument erupted between Wambo and Ritchey Bostander, who according to an anonymous source had asked the councillor where he had been all along and if he was at the meeting to lie again.
The alleged brawl resulted in Wambo allegedly ripping Bostander’s shirt.
Bostander told Nampa on Monday he drank a few beers before the meeting.
“I drank a few beers and asked Wambo why he only came now and lie to us. I only spoke the truth about him only coming during campaigns and he grabbed me on my chest and ripped off my shirt,” Bostander said.
Contacted for comment, Wambo said he did not attack the alleged victim as speculated and simply prevented the drunken man from falling on him.
“I can tell you now that I did not tear off anyone’s shirt. The guy was drunk and he almost fell on me. I only stopped him from falling and that’s when I accidently ripped his shirt,” Wambo said.
A report in The Namibian newspaper in June said a group of Hardap Region residents handed a petition to Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Sophia Shaningwa in which they demanded the removal of Wambo on grounds of alleged incompetency and for having failed them.
The 100-member group described Wambo as allegedly corrupt, incompetent, dishonest and deceptive.
They said under Wambo's leadership, several development projects at Rehoboth had failed.

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