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BC-Tropical Weather-The , 0320

Contributed by NAMPA / Associated Press.

The Latest: Hurricane Michael's death toll rises to 6<
AP Photo NCWIN330-1231132000, AX106-1011181136, FLCO114-1011181259, FLDG105-1011181323, FLGH104-1011180825, FLGH118-1011180937, FLGH109-1011180902, FLGH108-1011180856, FLGH110-1011180915, FLGH106-1011180849, FLGH115-1011180858, FLCO108-1011181301, LALAF101-1011181027, FLDG104-1011181127, FLDG101-1011181112, FLDG106-1011181335, FLDG109-1011181655, FLGH122-1011181554, FLCO115-1011181314, FLCO117-1011181310, FLCO116-1011181314, FLCO131-1011181130, FL ...